Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Thanks again to everyone who came out and supported our benefit concert last weekend. We could not have done this without our four beautiful bands, all the volunteers, the art donors, KRUX, and all those who have supported us by attending screenings, buying bracelets, and coming out to the show.

In case you missed the event, here are a few pictures of what WE ARE DISCONTENT looked like.

Plastic Apples supports Obama at the PhotObama Booth

And the show begins! Attendees watching an IC video

Jonathan Berry of Pioneers of Primetime TV and Michelle Blades at sound check

JB on the stage he so beautifully prepared

Amanda and I having some fun setting up the photo booth

If you missed this, don't think there's nothing left to do. We are still working hard to reach our $7500 fundraising goal by December 14.

Join us Thursday at 6:30 on the second floor of Corbett.

We are discontent. We are IC Team Las Cruces.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Promotion on Campus for WE ARE DISCONTENT

Today we were promoting our benefit concert, We Are Discontent. Plastic Apples came out to draw attention to us, and we had a lot of fun! Here are a few pictures from our day.

House Foreign Affair Committee Hearing

Yesterday, the House Foreign Affair Committee met for the first time to discuss the LRA Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act and it's implementation. Here is Resolve's coverage of the meeting.

Resolve Covers Yesterday's House Foreign Affair Committee Hearing

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sleeping At Last: Resolve

One of the many great partners with Invisible Children is Resolve. Resolve focuses on what the United States can do through politics to stop the LRA. It's a great site, I recommend you check it out here.

Resolve is partnered with a filmmaking team called Discover the Journey (DTJ). Resolve helped fund and coordinate a trip for DTJ to LRA affected areas last year. DTJ made a series of powerful videos, one of which was titled Be Resolved. Ryan O'Neal of the band Sleeping at Last composed the music for that video. He then went on to add lyrics, title the song "Resolve," and put it on the band's latest EP, September.

Again, another way that music is helping to end this conflict and stop the LRA. Also, Sleeping at Last is pretty great.